Odds and Ends

There have been a few other things happening around good ole MB B05!

I have tried a few new recipes, the most ambitious of all of them was making my own pot stickers… it involved making my own wrappers, grinding my own meat and figuring it all out (I should have decided to make them when my mom would have been awake as a consult… poor planning).

IMG_0246 IMG_0247 IMG_0250

The girls are playing with toys a lot more since I started an organizing system (which fails me often… but I just redid it, and so far, so good)… but they don’t love their baby sister hanging out, they think she will eat everything (and she does).  I like that she sneaks up from behind!


Sophie always wants to do crafts, and I love that Violet is wanting to do them too.  I didn’t get a picture, but today, when I was ironing some quilt blocks Violet pulled out her toy iron and ironed her own quilt.  Uber cute! This weekend we were doing some hand sewing.


The girls love on their sister, I have to often tell them not to walk around with her.  Danger!  But they love her so much (usually) and they just forget she is not a doll.


 Lastly, I was laying on the couch after hurting my foot, I was loving my view out the window.  Sure all the houses are basically identical, and it is boiling hot outside, but our little community is pretty nice (the lizards LOVE my house, we must face the right way, we always have 5-8 lizards sunning on our wall).


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