Hattie Grace is 7 months!

I am a little late posting this, but for a third child, 6 days late shouldn’t be that bad… right?!?!

Hattie Grace is becoming quite the character and trouble maker!  She is crawling all around, she is cruising on the furniture, albeit unsafely, and is getting into everything.  She pulls on the phone cord (cause we have one of those now), eats any bit of paper she can find.  She also likes to pull things off the table, off the entertainment center and will make a beeline for any device (but especially loves an iPad).

IMG_1853 IMG_1852

She is eating baby food regularly and eats other solids- cheerios, bread, crackers and the like.  She doesn’t like being by herself.  Even if she can see me across the room it is cause enough to cry and start crawling.  She gets impeded by the tile, she doesn’t love crawling on it, and so you know she is desperate when she crawls over it to get to you.


She is a smiley baby, still, and I love her goofy grin, I think it is just adorable and so silly!  She loves peek-a-boo and thinks that her sisters are dang funny!  She doesn’t giggle a lot, but when she does it cracks me up.  She loves her belly being tickled and it is so cute to see her grinning her big smile as you play.

IMG_1871 IMG_1869

Sadly, she doesn’t love being held by just anyone right now.  She loves the family and Alzira, our empregada, but besides that, most of time she doesn’t allow anyone else to hold her.  She is very picky about who holds her, but will give a big grin to most everyone.  She thinks others are funny, just don’t touch!

IMG_1921 IMG_1917

Baby girl is getting big.  27 inches and 18 pounds… but still not as roll-polly as her big sisters.  Now that she is moving I am unsure that she will ever be the same.  But she is so super cute, and really just a joy to have.  She must be teething, but I still have yet to see the fruits of all the drool, snotty noses and cranky moments of not wanting to eat.  I keep thinking I feel those front 2 teeth, but they are just not showing up.



We love this baby girl!


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  1. Yeah, 6 days is still plenty early. I’m not sure Charlotte has made an appearance on my blog yet — and she’s 2! Whoops! Love hearing all about Miss HG!

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