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The afternoon we arrived home from Angola I started cooking hot dogs and cutting watermelon for the youth fundraiser- ya know, because the fundraiser was that night!  Holy goodness on the bad timing, but as I didn’t get much of a say in terms of the timing for the Angola trip, I just powered through… jet lag and all.

Last year there wasn’t a youth fundraiser, but girls camp here is so expensive (think between 250-300$ a girl, when I was in mutual we paid no more than 80 bucks… ) that I felt it would be good to have a fundraiser, and to especially help the girls learn about working hard to get a fun reward at the end.  As we were planning (with my Personal Progress advisor, Monica, fundraiser extraordinairre) we decided to see if the Young Men wanted to help as well, we would have more help and more items to auction off the night of.  Luckily, they were in, and our NorthGate 1st Wards Got Talent night was born.

A member of our Bishopric had been telling me that he was going to roast a pig in his backyard for over a year now… so I held him to it, and we went with the luau theme for food and decorations.  There was also a bounce house that was donated for the night.  Each YM or YW had to donate a dessert to auction off at the end of the night (no desserts served…) and they did such a great job.  There were rainbow rice krispees, layer cakes, cupcakes shaped like dragons and flowers… it was great.  We had some desserts auction for as much as a 140$… and they were all delicious!

Here are some shots of the pig (in the ground) and then after it was uncovered and brought up for dinner.  The pork was really good… and we had coconut rice and fruit and so much food (way too much food).  While people were eating we had a silent service auction going on the side… each youth participating had to donate 2 services, and then several people in the ward donated items as well (oil changes, golf at the country club, homemade goods, etc).

Then we had a mock talent show for entertainment.  The Primary Presidency did a cute dance.  Then the youth had a underwater ballet (done on the patio) that was adorable!  My counselors and I did the classic family reunion skit where a person sits behind you (in our case a young woman sat behind us) and act as your arms.  Our skit was preparing for the Mom Prom.  So we had to put on foundation, blush, eye shadow and lipstick, then do our hair… oh we looked fabulous!  Then our husbands came up to dance with us… Jeff loved that, I think he tried to run away until I told him he couldn’t stand me up in front of everyone.  I will have to add more pictures later, but you get the idea from this.

It was a lot of fun (and so much work and stress, thank heavens for my amazing counselors and Monica… it wouldn’t have happened without them… they are pretty awesome!) and I still get people saying how much they enjoyed the evening… Monica’s goal: To host the party of the year.  I think we were successful!

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