Sophie’s Hello Kitty 5th Birthday Party!

Sophie decided to have a girls only Hello Kitty party this year (as most boys don’t seem to appreciate Hello Kitty all that much).  So we invited a group of friends over and had a grand ole time!  We had a lot of helping hands (thanks Kelly, Daisy and Andy… for cooking, playing games and hiding flowers).

We started with decorating dresses for Hello Kitty dolls.

After that we went outside to hunt for Hello Kitty’s missing flowers… oh goodness those girls were good at finding things!  It must have been all the Easter Egg hunts- practice pays off!

Then we played a dress-up relay race… the girls had to put on a dress, 2 necklaces and a pair of high heel shoes and run to the basketball hoop and back- then give the outfit to the next person in line.

 While we were playing games Jeff and Andy were inside grilling up Hello Kitty shaped cheese sandwiches.  All that running made the girls super hungry.

The last game we played was a balloon popping game.  I was worried some of the girls would be more mad that their balloons were in danger of being popped- but they all seemed to love it.

Then we ended with cake and presents!

I can’t, unfortunately explain Sophie’s goofy face in the majority of those pictures… it appears that is her smile at the moment!  We love Sophie’s friends… they are just so fun and cute!