Because you might not have heard… or Curse FaceBook and its instant powers!

My awesome husband got a new job today! He is going to be a Contracts Advisor for the Angola Business Unit… what is that you are saying? Angola, where in the world is Angola? Well, it is in Africa, on the western coast, above Nambia, Bostwana and South Africa. A direct flight from Houston to Angola- 14 hours. NON STOP 14 hours of flying! Angola’s national language: Portuguese. Did you also know that Angola is THE most expensive place to live in the world…

I know all of this because it is where we will be living for the next 3 years. That is right, we are taking this show on the international road- across the ocean straight to Angola and Africa… we are thrilled for the opportunity, for the cool things that we will experience, for the great job that Jeff has recieved and for so many other things… but because I know everyone is wondering, I am nervous and scared and super excited, did I mention nervous?!? I am still processing the information, and my head is spinning a little.

The target leave date is June 1… but visas are hard to get for Angola, so it is most likely we will be here in our little California haven until closer to the end of the summer- when I know I will let you all know! We can’t wait for this exciting new chapter of our lives…


8 thoughts on “Because you might not have heard… or Curse FaceBook and its instant powers!

  1. We are so excited for you guys! And jealous, too! We’ll have to get together before the big move to Africa.

  2. WOW.

    Ok, we are for sure going to have to come and visit you before you leave. And do your family pictures.

    How does the week of may 13th sound???

  3. REALLY! I know international was always in the cards but AFRICA! Tammy our dinner dates and craft nights will be very pricey! Have fun! Now we really need to go to dinner!

  4. Wow. Wow. And more wow. I’m impressed with your obvious and overt display of bravery. A wee bit jealous at the same time. Are your parents (by which I mean your moms) going to die? Or just fly farther and longer to get the grandkid fix. What about baseball? So many questions.

  5. Is there an Angola Disneyland? What will you do???

    Congratulations. That is so crazy and exciting. We will miss you. Can’t wait to hear all about it.

  6. This is huge Tammy. I haven’t looked at your blog in a while and didn’t know all this. So exciting for you and your little family. What a fun adventure for all of you. Can’t wait to see the area via your blog. Congrats.

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