We’ve had the fever…

Jimmer Fever that is.  We’ve also been sick, but the fever that has made activity cease in our humble home… has everything to do with Jimmer Fredette.  We have been riding on a high, and sadly, the high came to an end last night… We have been having a great time cheering for The Jimmer.  Our friend and webmaster supreme, Jimmy, designed some fabulous Jimmer shirts for us:

We wore our shirts every day of the tourney, and enjoyed pacing back and forth like mad people screaming at figures on the television.  Seriously, good thing we don’t live in an apartment, there would have been some seriously upset neighbors, we were loud.  We cheered when the team played well, we screamed and yelled when people made stupid looking plays.  We were mad with Jimmer craze.  I tried to get a picture of me with the girls… it didn’t work great, but here is our best attempt at a group shot.

Jeff has been driving himself crazy about the “what-ifs” of the situation, what if we had hit that free throw, what if Jimmer had driven inside… it is never ending.  But I know that we are proud of our school, and the basketball team.  I know there was a lot of press about the Davies situation, and it made me think a lot, mainly because I have had to answer questions about how I felt regarding the situation.  I also heard a gentleman talking about how the newspapers should post every time a BYU student is violating the honor code, it is only fair (for the record, I find that to be a unrealistic and mean-hearted thought.  Losing a star player without an explanation could never happen in this media driven world, but that is a different rant).  But for the record, despite the fact that we would have been seeded higher, and had a better chance (I believe a winning chance) in the tournament if Davies had been there, I am proud of my school and, in a weird way, him.  The world is full of people who choose outer appearances and popular opinion over standards and beliefs, people who waffle over what they think is right depending on the situation, the time and the person asking for the opinion.  I am glad that Davies was honest enough to take care of what is on his plate, and I am glad that BYU didn’t see an opportunity to succeed in the “world” and throw out everything they taught me as a student.  Jeff has been saying, “Honor over Victory” and it is nice that even in sports, my husband can find a balance (it doesn’t happen often)!

Now that my bracket is blown, my team is out and March is coming to an end… bring on baseball!  We will, once again, start our season with hope, thinking we have a chance, and hopefully… well, I have already shared what happens when I let myself hope!

PS I made blue and white cookies for the game (the reason that pacing back and forth didn’t result in weight loss… eating a lot of cookies tends to negate nervous energy spent).  It was the second time I have made these cookies, they are delicious and you can find a recipe here.

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  1. Im sad I didn’t get to try the blue and white cookies. I was happy for the zombies form the previous game, though!

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