2010 Recap…

I really like how some of the bloggers I read have little recaps of their year, month by month, I am not sure if it bores other people, but I like looking over what I have done, and what has happened over the last year.  Last year was full of ups and downs.  I did some great things (started running, for example) and some bad things (decided that during the holidays running was unneccessary and I could eat everything I wanted… oops!).  I feel like our family has gotten stronger.  We started having scripture study with the girls, and now it is a regular part of our night.  I have started cooking at home more, and trying to cook healthier meals.  I have been really happy this past year, and, for the most part, glad for the changes that we have made.   On to the recap!


Apparently, nothing happened, but I posted a cute picture of my girls!


THE surgery.  This was a crazy time for us, we are so grateful for the medical advances that are available to us.


A trip to Disneyland, Pneumonia, an UTI, scabs falling off… it seems to have been pretty eventful!


Big Girl turned 3!


OGO came for a visit, curveballcity.com was featured on ESPN 2, a dance recital and I ran my first 5K.


Andy gets married (we love our Auntie Daisy)!


Baby Dean arrives… first cousin, and I am finally an aunt!


Kristy and Kylie came to “nanny!”


I have a preschooler!  And baby girl turns the big O-N-E!

(I know, 2 pictures, but my girls are adorable!)


Jeff and I had a vacation without girlies, Vegas Baby!


Camping and a fun trip to St. George.


Celebrating, surviving and loving my girls!

Bring on 2011… we are looking forward to fun times!