Gratitude: Day 25

Today I am grateful for a whole lot… it is Thanksgiving after all!  I am so thankful for my family, and my in laws… for my fun brothers, awesome sisters (I am going to start calling them that… I don’t have any other kind!), and all 4 fabulous parents.  I am so grateful that we get to be in this beautiful place surrounded by gorgeous scenery.  I am grateful for all the yummy food we have been eating, and all the food we have yet to eat (turkey refroze in the fridge).  I am especially grateful for my husband who is supportive, loving, fabulous, and a lot of fun (though the theater room is making him a recluse this week), and my girls, who make being a mom everything I could have ever imagined and more, I can’t remember life without them, and I am ok with that!  Happy Thanksgiving!