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A weekend in San Antonio

The girls had a half day at school one weekend so we headed out to San Antonio to explore Texas a little bit.

Our first stop was In n Out, because, yum!


After we checked into the hotel, Jeff and I took the girls to check out the Riverwalk.


The next morning we had Texas shaped waffles, then headed out to a nearby mission.  We were in luck and they had Archeology Day going outside in the common area and there were all kinds of things for the kids to do.  They dug for artifacts, identified bones, shot arrows, made bricks and lots of other stuff.

img_8200 img_8201 img_8212 img_8214 img_8216 img_8219 img_8221 img_8223 img_8225 img_8226

Our next stop was the Natural Bridge Cave.  We had a good time exploring the cave, and the kids seemed to enjoy it quite a lot.  It was muggy and humid, but we got in some good exercise!

img_8228 img_8232 img_8236 img_8240

The next day we headed down to the Riverwalk again.  We decided to take the boat tour through the canal.  It was nice and explained a good deal of history, we just couldn’t always hear it over the chattering of the cousins.  They had a good time together!

img_8249 img_8252 img_8256 img_8258 img_8260 img_8263

After lunch Andy and his family headed back to Houston and we stayed to walk around the Alamo, because it was just right there, and shouldn’t you visit the Alamo when in San Antonio?!?


A quick whirlwind tour of San Antonio, and a good time exploring a new place.

Dewberry Farms- Pumpkin Patch Fun!

Having Andy and his family here during the month of October was fun.  We got to do a whole lot of fun things, one of which was driving out towards Katy and visiting Dewberry Farms.  We had a great time on the hay swings, at the playground, in the corn maze, and shooting the apple cannon (which was the boys favorite, hands down).  We watched the pig races, which were sadly disappointing, the pigs did not want to run or race, just sniff around and lolly gag, but the kids liked it!  The farm was huge and full of cool activities.  Definitely the feeling of fall (even if it was over 90 degrees that October day).

img_8092 img_8097 img_8100 img_8101 img_8102 img_8107 img_8111 img_8113 img_8117 img_8119 img_8123 img_8127 img_8130 img_8132 img_8136 img_8138 img_8140 img_8141 img_8142 img_8156

What a fun day!



A visit to Lukes

To promote the new Gilmore Girls episodes several coffee shops in Houston (and around the country) were turning themselves into Luke’s Diner for a morning.  I really wanted to go, but Jeff was in Angola, and I don’t really have any close friends here in Houston… but luckily, Daisy, who had only seen a couple episodes, was nice enough to join me.  We figured out which one had the easiest, free parking and headed out after Hattie’s gymnastics class.  The kids kept busy by watching movies on Daisy’s phone, and then Hattie decided to have a meltdown screaming for ice cream (where did she hear there was ice cream?).  Luckily the people in the long line were all super excited to be there and didn’t seem to upset to have some serious sad toddler action happening!

img_8063 img_8068

The girl in line in front of us was super nice and friendly, and we were all so excited to finally be at the door and order some food and drinks for the hungry kids.  There were signs up for Luke’s, aprons (which they weren’t selling, sad) and a guy in flannel to finish off the morning.  The pastries were good, and milkshakes were good and I got some Luke’s cups for my craft room, and fulfilled a super fun nerdy inner need!  Also great, Hattie perked up with a birthday cake milkshake and a sausage croissant!

img_8073 img_8074 img_8077 img_8078 img_8081 img_8083

September Recap

Another busy month.  We visited the newest cousin in Seattle, and continued to settle into our new home.  Jeff installed some cool organizers in the garage, and finally got his projector installed, it is GIANT!

  img_0133 img_0114 img_0118

Finally got my custom Kitchen table in the house, and I couldn’t love it more, now to change those red chairs to a color that makes me happier!


I finished painting the piano, but have seriously lazed about finishing the bench (upholstery, or no, or all kinds of other theories in my head).

img_8048 img_7983

Hattie and I had a lot of time to bond, and we hosted our first week of preschool here.  She also got sick, sad, but it meant extra cuddles for me. She also made bread at one of her preschool days, she was super excited!

img_7961 img_7962 img_0104 img_7965 img_8052

Sophie continues to love aerial and learns new tricks regularly.  She is doing great (in my entirely uneducated opinion).

img_7943 img_8041

Hattie keeps doing well in gymnastics.


The pool was finished and we filled it up just in time for Violet’s birthday party (in the next post).  The girls were so excited it was finally done, and I survived a lot of pool care training.

img_0122 img_8005 img_0137

Grandma arrived in town for Violet’s birthday, so we played at the children’s museum and she helped out when Jeff had to leave for Angola for a business trip.

img_8039 img_0140

I was asked to help out with Super Saturday, so i had to put together the demo craft they assigned me.  I think it turned out so cute!


What a busy month!

Seattle and Baby Riley!

We headed out to Seattle for the long weekend for Riley’s baby blessing.  We are so glad we get to celebrate these events with family again, being back in the US has its perks!  WE stayed at Matt’s home so we got some good visit time with him as well.  The girls couldn’t wait to meet baby Riley, my 3rd niece and the girls’ 12th cousin.

img_7889 img_0083

We started our weekend at a children’s museum, and the kids had a great time.  Water tables, scooters, trikes, and bikes, tools and all kinds of restaurant play and shopping.

img_7897 img_7895 img_7890

We had a delicious BBQ lunch and then headed to what we heard was a great beach for walking around a collecting shells.  It turned out to be a big mud pit, and everyone got pretty filthy!


We got in a game of bowling.  Always fun, after you get over the smell of the alley!


The next day we drove out to The Northwest Trek, which was a big park with animals and playgrounds and a tram with what I will call an American safari.  It was fun and the kids were loving the whole park.

img_7903 img_7904 img_7911 img_7908

The next day was Riley’s baby blessing and taquitos and visiting.

img_7924 img_0085 img_0087

Our last full day in Seattle we headed to the Chihuly Museum for the morning and ended our day at the Mariners game and Cafe Rio for dinner.  All wonderful and fabulous, until we had to say goodbye to everyone way too soon.  We love family time!

img_7925 img_7926 img_7930 img_7933 img_0108 img_7936 img_0110 img_7940

August 2016 Brain Dump

Ok… we are moving people, and then Christmas will happen and I will continue to fall further behind, but I am determined, this WILL happen!

We returned home from our trip and found this:


Yay!  Our pool had been started and the loudest, messiest part had been completed while we were gone.  We found out later tat the gunnite crew, which is the loudest part and basically a giant cement truck, showed up at 6:30 on a Saturday morning, sorry neighbors.

We also started other projects in the house.  The floors were redone, no more carpet downstairs, especially the stuff in the dining room.

img_7760 img_7762 img_7783 img_7781 img_7782

The theater room began its transformation, and Jeff started decorating… and decorating!

img_7811 img_0088 img_0087 img_0090 img_0093 img_0095 img_0096

More work was done on the pool, tile and finish work.


The girls started school.  The big girls started 4th and 1st grade at Broadway.  They were good sports.  We had gone to Meet the Teacher night beforehand, and their teachers were nice and welcoming, and we could introduce the girls and that they had never been in a US school system.  They did well and came home pretty happy with the state of things.  But Sophie took longer to feel like she had friends, now, months later, she has fallen in with a group of girls and is just so happy.  In August, we were just happy that they were feeling calm and becoming comfortable.

img_7806 img_7810 img_7829 img_7818 img_7828 img_7824 img_7827

The girls also started lessons.  Sophie had auditioned for level placement at a studio in the city, and was placed in the Aerial 3 class!  She started learning new and fun things right off the bat.  Violet and Hattie stared gymnastics, I need to figure out how to get Vi pictures, she is always so far away from where I get to sit… working on it.  Sophie also started Activity Days, which is great, and such a nice way to meet friends.

img_7873 img_7874 img_7840 img_7846 img_7880 img_7881

Hattie started preschool and just is so excited.  We are doing a co-op with 4 other families and the moms rotate teaching responsibilities.  Hattie LOVES her class and was so mad when I first taught her, she wanted to go to school and didn’t understand why school was coming to her!

img_7860 img_7871

We got in another A’s game and one day we will see them win here.


We welcomed routine and schedule and started to feel more settled.  but man, buying a house is a whole lot of work!

Orlando 2016

The next morning we headed by the airport to pick up Grandma and OGO and then started the next part of our trip in Universal Studios.  We were so excited to see the new Harry Potter attractions and the girls were so excited to see the world we had been reading about in real life.  We started with the newest part, Diagon Alley.  As the adults had all visited Hogsmead in the past.  We had so much fun riding the new Gringotts ride, visiting all the shops and playing with the new interactive wands.  The girls spent time trying every spell they could find in both parks.  The Hogwarts Express was a great ride and an easy way to go back and forth between parks, and we just had such a great time.  The girls also loved the water slide, and we enjoyed more butter beers than a normal person should consume!  We also raced our way at the park opening our second day to ride King Kong.  Usually a 120 minute wait, we got on in less than 30 minutes!  We were happy Hattie could ride, as she was pretty sick of being left out of things!  We figured cause she was tall enough it would be a good ride for everyone, but there were some seriously scary parts that involved dinosaurs getting their heads ripped off by giant apes… and Hattie, pleased with her ability to ride, just clapped and cheered like it was no big thing!  I realize now, that I didn’t take nearly enough pictures of our trip, but here is what I have, and just know that we had a great time!

img_7591 img_7575 img_7578 img_7571 img_7574 img_7568 img_7569 img_7567 img_7582 img_7585 img_7612 img_7615 img_0052 img_7600 img_7594 img_7609 img_7624 img_7622 img_7611 img_0054

We headed to a beach on the Gulf side of the state for a break from the parks.  I apparently took zero pictures, but the girls played in the waves forever and had a great time.

Then it was time for Disney.  We started our day in Disney,  Hattie was just so thrilled, she said as we walked in the park, “I so cited.”  And she could stop grinning.  It was adorable.


She enjoyed all the rides, and even got to go on the Seven Dwarves Mine Coaster, and she was in love!  The girls all had a great time, the got crowns and were princesses all day long.  It really is such a magical place!

img_7627 img_7629 img_7636 img_7652 img_7646 img_7649 img_7655 img_7661 img_7682 img_7684

It was drizzling throughout our trip.  We found Belle’s Storybook area during a rainstorm and Sophie and Hattie both participated in the show.  The best part is that you get a picture with Belle afterwards with no lines!

img_7670 img_7674 img_7672 img_7665 img_7677 img_7679 img_7678

The next day we headed to EPCOT.  The new Frozen ride was so fun, and Hattie was in heaven.  We did as much as we could before my parents had to head to the airport.  We ate lunch with the princesses, and Mary Poppins.  Sophie is getting too old for the characters I think, she was acting all old and teenage-y.  But Hattie and Violet loved it.

img_7704 img_7714 img_7708 img_7721 img_7718 img_7723 img_7701

After they left it started to rain again, and we got lucky walking by Else and Anna and a 30 minute wait.  The girls were so excited to meet the sisters, and Sophie was actually kind of geeing out.  I was glad to see the magic was getting to her!

img_7726 img_7728 img_7730

The days we were at Disney we stayed at the Art of Animation Hotel, it had these great rooms with themes, and giant characters all over the resort.  The first night we stayed in the Cars area, then we moved to the Ariel side.  My favorite were the super cute giant seagulls from Nemo.  Such a cute hotel.

img_7688 img_7691 img_7736 img_7738 img_7740 img_7749

We had a great trip, were so happy to hang out with friends and family, and get one theme park trip in before Hattie turned three!

New Orleans 2016

We planned to visit DisneyLand before Hattie turned 3.  Turns out airfare to LA from here is prohibitively expensive… so we decided to drive to Orlando and see some of the southern sights.  Our first stop was Covington and New Orleans.  We visited NO and got to visit John and Jen for a couple nights.  Jeff also got some work in at the office there.  We had fun!

We started with beignets at Cafe Dumont.  We decided to sit down (as all they serve is drinks and beignets) and made a giant mess eating our way through some delicious breakfast treats.

img_7472 img_7467 img_7465 img_0024

After walking around the French Quarter a little, and a quick picture at Bourbon Street, we headed to a Steamboat ride down the Mississippi.  It was a great trip and the girls had fun eating delicious chips and seeing the paddle plug away through the water.

img_7481 img_7488 img_7468 img_7476 img_7478 img_7474 img_7470

The next day the girls and I went swimming at the Club with Jen and her kids, had lunch.  And then later went to their super cute house for dinner.  The kids played Mario Kart and we enjoyed some delicious tacos.  And I, sadly, only took these few pictures!  Too busy catching up!

img_7495 img_7496

Fun coincidence.  On our way out of Covington we stopped at Chic-Fil-A for lunch and ran into Jen and the kids, again!  The kids played for a long time together in the play place and we got to chat a little longer before heading to the coast.  Off to Destin, FL.

While driving to Destin we took a couple stops.  First in Gulfwater, and walked the beautiful white beach for a little bit.  Then we stopped at Beauvoir the home of Jefferson Davis.  We took a walking tour, and ran into a whole TON of Pokemon players.

img_0031 img_0035

We arrived at our hotel in Destin, and we noticed a ton of families on the beach with flashlights.  We figured we would head down to the beach and see what was happening.  Turns out, at night, all these little white crabs come out and people were trying to catch them.  the girls had a great time catching them, and then watching the fireworks afterwards over the water.

img_0039 img_7514 img_7517 img_7518

The next day was spent boogie boarding in the waves of the perfect Gulf temperature water.  A nice lady gave us her boards as she was leaving and the girls had a lot of fun playing all day long in the water and the waves.  We will definitely be returning, it was a great place to play.

img_7522 img_7524 img_7555 img_7558 img_7560 img_7561

After all the fun in the sun it was time to head towards Orlando and our theme park fun.  We arrived after dinner to Orlando and decided to go into Universal Studios for a few of the rides that Hattie would want to ride, along with one or two runs on the Hogwarts ride.  An hour of fun time before the park closed and before we started some serious ride riding and walking around!

img_7563 img_0050 img_7564 img_7566

Hello Houston!

We arrived in our new home and had to start getting things prepared immediately.  the first, unscheduled, order of business was disabling the alarm… as it wouldn’t stop going off when we entered the house.  We were spending the first night in a hotel, so we would have a little time to get mattresses, and food and dishes.  All our items were in transit from either California or Angola.  Our first nights in the house looked like a crazy slumber party.

img_1530 img_7381

We all got haircuts, mine included chopping off 12 inches of hair!

img_7407 img_7398 img_7408

We celebrated the 4th of July with KC and Paul and had a fun swimming, BBQ, ice cream afternoon.  Hattie greatly enjoyed her ice cream!


We started the process of building our pool, found a couch that we both loved, and got the cutting table for my sewing room.  All the important things!  I also spent some time creating a paper box table to judge the size of my future kitchen table, not super steady, but good for visualization.

img_7415 img_1537 img_1534 img_7387

We went to our first MLB game of the season and watched the Astros beat the A’s in walk off, depressing style.

img_7425 img_7427

Kelly visited for a week (that was extended due to ridiculous delays) and Gerry came for the weekend.  The only lousy picture I got was this one of Gerry hanging pictures for us.  Love the extra hands.


Grandma took advantage of the country proximity and sent new clothes and new shoes.  We got free meals for dressing up like cows and we also enjoyed going to a movie when we wanted to just because we could!

img_1551 img_7432 img_1540

A whirlwind of things that just kept going as we tried to settle in as fast as possible.

Saying Goodbye to Monte Belo

Ok, it is now the end of November and I haven’t been caught up at all… so here we go, are you ready for some serious posting?  Let’s see if I can catch up at all, and get our journaling back on track!

So we spent a lot of June saying goodbye to people, rounding up the end of the year and packing up the house.  I tried to document it as much as possible, but sometimes moments just pass you by!

We had the last week of school.  Which included a MB party with friends and a lot of fun things at school.  The girls had great teachers this year, they continued to love school, learned and grew so much, and had a good year!

img_3021 img_3023 img_3025 img_3026 img_3029 img_3032 img_3033 img_3034 img_3039 img_3041 img_3045 img_3046 img_3050 img_3056 img_3062 img_3063

We also had a Kindergarten graduation party.  It was small this year, so many people left as soon as school ended, so we had just a couple kids, but had a fun time anyway!

img_3064 img_3066 img_3088

We had our lsat game night with our favorite families, and celebrated Molly’s birthday early with water slides, water balloons and lots of fun.

img_3091 img_2960 img_2963 img_2978

The big girls headed to LIS sports camp.  We had a couple good playdates (including the last ones with Varvara and Henry, so sad).

img_3150 img_3185 img_3156

We had our last week at church, I took a couple pictures of the neighborhood and the building.  We also had one last dinner with President and Sister Merrill, we sure miss them a lot.

img_2831 img_2896 img_2895 img_3189

We had some fun with the families who were left for the first of summer.  We had dinner at the new restaurant on the Ilha, and the kids played on the beach for a long time.  These were the best neighbors ever, when else will I be able to just walk into my neighbor’s home and sit, or cook, or visit, and not worry?  We also spent a good amount of time clearing out the food in our freezers.  The creative meat oriented dinners we had those last few weeks were impressive!  We got to spend some of the time watching Manimal with Edgar and Lina… hilarious!

img_3125 img_3132 img_3118 img_3158

Hattie played a fun balloon game with Rosa and a balloon, she sure is going to miss her one on one spoiling from Rosa.  (Also, I have pictures of our family with Rosa and Afonso, but cannot find them… coming soon).  And we had our last day with Agosto, he was my favorite relief driver, and we had quite a few of them.

img_3155 img_3153 img_3151 img_3192

We spent the afternoon walking around taking some pictures of Monte Belo.  Our home of 4 years, crazy!

img_2838 img_3146 img_3141

Packing up was surprisingly easy, but the buildup was stressful.  The amount of stuff that we collected in 4 years?!?!  Unbelievable!  But a lot of sales, giveaways and trash later we packed up everything that was left and said “Hope to see you soon.”

img_1402 img_3017 img_3019

The kids had to keep busy, so we used every tattoo left from every party and holiday.  They were quite the sight!  We also ate delicious candy from a missionary who came back to visit.  Yay, Elder Rush!  We also got to swim at Ms. Amanda’s pool whenever we wanted.

img_1473 img_1400 img_3172

We took our last walk around the compound.


And then it was time to say goodbye and take our last trip to the crazy airport and start on our new adventure.  we had a whole section to ourselves… couldn’t ask for more  privacy than a section of a plane for you and your best friends!

img_3219 img_3222 img_1528 img_3217

The car they sent to pick us up (because of all our luggage) was a party van… crazy!  Then off to our new house in Houston, and the start of the crazy process of moving in.