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Kissama National Park

The Mission President and his wife had family visiting in March and while they were here they planned to visit the safari park here in Angola.  It isn’t well stocked, but it is large, and hopefully eventually the animals that left during the war start coming back.  As it is there is one elephant, some giraffes, and a whole lot of monkeys and antelope.  We decided to visit with them as we hadn’t ever gone, and we felt like seeing some attractions in Angola seemed like a good idea!  So we took off on the 2 hour drive to the park.  When we arrived we went to get a truck and found out that we had missed the next tour by 10 minutes… so we had a good 2 hour wait ahead of us.  We ate lunch and visited with everyone.  There was mother church family that was there, they luckily, had little kids, so all the kids entertained each other.  Very nice!  We had a good time, and saw some pretty good animals.  It was nice company and fun to play with church friends again, it has been a while!

IMG_2655 IMG_4935 IMG_4934 IMG_4936 IMG_4939 IMG_4940 IMG_4942 IMG_2657 IMG_2663 IMG_2667 IMG_1274 IMG_1273 IMG_1272 IMG_1270 IMG_1269 IMG_1268

One of the whole group!  We all crammed in the same truck together!


Portugal 2016- Part 4, Silves, Tavira and Evora

We promised the girls one more beach morning, so before leaving Lagos we enjoyed a very chilly morning playing in the sand.  The girls were thrilled!

IMG_6655 IMG_6657 IMG_6660 IMG_6662 IMG_6666 IMG_6669

We left Lagos and stopped in Silves right as the rain was letting up.  We got pretty lucky with the rain, it rained a ton while we drove but we stayed pretty dry while exploring.  This castle was made of this gorgeous red rock, so cool.

IMG_1101 IMG_1103 IMG_6677 IMG_6680 IMG_6683 IMG_6686 IMG_6688 IMG_6690

That night we stayed in Almancil, and enjoyed some delicious donuts before heading to Tavira for the day.  We wandered everywhere looking for the market.  Didn’t find the one we expected, but found other not interesting ones, then just wandered around more Moorish Castles and all over town.  The girls got to climb all over ruins and castles, you would have thought they would get sick of it, but they would have climbed all day long if we let them.

IMG_6710 IMG_6711 IMG_6714 IMG_6716 IMG_6719 IMG_6720 IMG_6725

We drove onward to Evora the next day and the views as we drove were just so green and lush, I was in heaven!


Evora was this adorable historic center.  Almost everything was within walking distance from the place we were staying.  We stayed in the super old monastery.  It was built in 1485 and we stayed in the old nun cells.  It was pretty cool.  This first picture is a view from our window, and then you can see the front of the hotel.  Right in front of the hotel was this old Roman ruin, the Temple of Diana.

IMG_6728 IMG_6730 IMG_6731 IMG_6732 IMG_6751 IMG_6753 IMG_6734

There were churches, ruins and all kinds of cool things all around town.  we saw the aqueduct, and several castle ruins and gardens.  We wanted to go see the bone church, but it was closed.  We couldn’t figure out why all the police were blocking it off, and then we found out that the President of Portugal was visiting for some reason, the security was not huge, we had been walking on the street that he drove in on just minutes before he arrived, but kind of cool to see him arrive and walk into the church.

IMG_6737 IMG_6738 IMG_6742 IMG_6744 IMG_6746 IMG_6748 IMG_6749

The next morning as we were driving back to Lisbon we stopped at these old stones.  The Cromiech of Almendres.  It is one of the largest collection of menhirs in Europe.  They were built somewhere between 6000-4000 BC!  It of course was pouring on us as we walked there, but they were super cool, and muddy!

IMG_6760 IMG_6761 IMG_6763 IMG_6765

We arrived back in Lisbon hoping to walk around Castel St George, but it was raining too hard for any outdoor activity.  We ended up at the mall and then taking a tram along the coastline.  We had a great time exploring Portugal!


Portugal 2016- Part 3, Lagos

We walked around Lisbon for a little bit Sunday morning, and then headed down to the Algarve region, we were staying in Lagos for a couple of days.  As we drove down we drove through a cute little town of Albufeira- I loved the colors.

IMG_6483 IMG_6488 IMG_6489

When we finally arrived in Lagos we walked ourselves to the beach and I couldn’t stop taking pictures!  The cliffs, and the colors on the beach were just gorgeous.  And, bonus, because it was February we had the beach pretty much to ourselves.

IMG_6491 IMG_6498 IMG_6502 IMG_6511 IMG_6552 IMG_6568 IMG_6570 IMG_6572

The problem with visiting beach areas during the winter is that not many restaurants are open… so after driving around for a good amount of time we ended up eating dinner at a Chinese restaurant, right in time for Chinese New Year… and it was dang good food!  Win-Win!


The next day we headed to Sagres and started our day at the Fortaleza.  It was huge, and had great views of those amazing cliffs!    There was also this giant sundial built in the middle of the fort, pretty cool.  We also visited the lighthouse, but you weren’t allowed inside, so we just walked ourselves around for a while.

IMG_6580 IMG_6584 IMG_6585 IMG_6586 IMG_6588 IMG_6589 IMG_6591 IMG_6592 IMG_6593 IMG_6595 IMG_6597 IMG_6599 IMG_6600 IMG_6601

We headed back into the main part of Lagos for lunch and more exploring.  The beaches were just perfect, I can’t imagine how fun they would be in the summer (and busy).

IMG_6602 IMG_6611 IMG_6613 IMG_6617

Our last stop in Lagos was Ponte de Piedade.  We almost didn’t stop because Hattie had fallen asleep, but we were so glad we did.  It was about the most beautiful thing ever!  The water, rocks and green all surrounding you.  Amazing!

IMG_6619 IMG_6622 IMG_6624 IMG_6628 IMG_6629 IMG_6632 IMG_6634 IMG_6636 IMG_6637 IMG_6641

Our last visit of the day was Praia de Rocha.  We got there right as the sun was setting, just in time for one picture!


Portugal 2016- Part 2, Sintra

We headed out of the city for day 2 and visited Sintra.  A lot of hiking, a lot of fun, and a lot of cool sights!

We started by visiting the Moorish Castle.  Gorgeous views and ruins to hike and climb on.

IMG_6405 IMG_6411 IMG_6413 IMG_6414 IMG_6417 IMG_6419 IMG_6424 IMG_6427 IMG_6430 IMG_6433 IMG_6435 IMG_6437 IMG_6438 IMG_6442 IMG_6444 IMG_6446

Our next visit in Sintra was Pena National Castle.  It is the castle you can see on the hilltop in that last picture above.  The colors of the castle, and the tiles, and the details, so pretty.

IMG_6453 IMG_6454 IMG_6456 IMG_6457 IMG_6459 IMG_6460 IMG_6463 IMG_6465 IMG_6468 IMG_6472 IMG_6473 IMG_6477

Some pretty scenes in Sintra!


Portugal 2016- Part 1, Lisbon

We decided to take our long weekends and visit Portugal.  We started in Lisbon.  Got there super early after a red eye flight and checked into a cheap hotel for a quick nap and shower before heading out to see the city.  Turns out our hotel was right across the street from Hard Rock Cafe… so lunch was covered!

IMG_6349 IMG_6351 IMG_6355 IMG_6356

We headed out to Belem to see a bunch of different sights.  It was a gorgeous walk, and there was a matching Golden Gate Bridge (and cable cars) which just made you feel like you were home for a little bit.

IMG_6362 IMG_6368 IMG_6373 IMG_6375 IMG_6384 IMG_6365 IMG_6370 IMG_6385 IMG_6387 IMG_6379 IMG_6391 IMG_6377 IMG_6360 IMG_6389

Then, on the recommendation of a friend, we went to get egg custard tarts, from THE Place to get them… and they were delicious and hot and wonderful creamy!

IMG_1089 IMG_1090 IMG_1088

We ate dinner at a Brazilian place,  it was delicious and meat filled!

IMG_6403 IMG_6404

What a great start to our Portuguese vacation.

Eastern Europe- Christmas 2015: Part 9- Budapest

We arrived in Budapest and thought we might freeze on the spot!  If we thought Vienna was cold it turned out we were dead wrong!  Budapest was frigid.  But beautiful!  We did as much as we could in the days we had, but I think we missed plenty by putting our heads down and walking quickly to the next location!

We visited St. Stephen’s Basilica.  There was a Christmas market right outside the Basilica and also a light/video show on the outside of the building, super cool, set to music and running every 30 minutes of so.  We got ourselves one seriously delicious pitas for dinner, and the kids and Jeff had burritos.  Man, street food is delicious!

IMG_6145 IMG_6146 IMG_6147 IMG_6150 IMG_6155

The next day we started by visiting the church in the rock.  Very cool old cave, and the perfect chilly temp for sitting on hard pews for a while!  We got to the church by crossing over this beautiful green bridge, from the Buda side to the Pest side.  Then we hiked up Geliert Hill to the Citadel.  It was a lot farther than we thought it was going to be, but the views were pretty great from all the way up there!  We tried to get a ferry cruise of the city afterwards, but all the boats seemed to be closed because it was New Year’s Eve.  We also visited the Central Market, it was 2 stories of all kinds of souvenirs, food, food products and anything else you could imagine!

IMG_6157 IMG_6159 IMG_6188 IMG_6168 IMG_6171 IMG_6178 IMG_6181 IMG_6185 IMG_6187 IMG_6190

Later that night we headed to the Buda Castle.  You took a funicular ride up to the top and walked around.  The views of the Pest side, Parliament and the city were amazing.

IMG_6196 IMG_6207 IMG_6199 IMG_6233 IMG_6242 IMG_6243 IMG_6248 IMG_6249

Our next stop was Matthias Church and Fisherman’s Bastion.  Fisherman’s Bastion was just the coolest bunch of buildings around, the tile work, the stonework, it was just so dang beautiful.  I wish we had seen it in the light, but we weren’t going to hike up there again!  so pretty!

IMG_6256 IMG_6260 IMG_6262 IMG_6266

We walked back to the apartment over Chain Bridge and watched fireworks celebrating the new year from our balcony!


The next day we visited Hero’s Square.  The girls warmed up by running around.  On the way back to the apartment we decided that it wasn’t worth it to walk, got on the subway and took the easy way out of the cold.

IMG_6283 IMG_6287 IMG_6291 IMG_6293 IMG_6295 IMG_6296

We headed out to the Children’s Tech Museum, couldn’t find it ANYWHERE, and ended up at the Aquarium.  It was a smaller aquarium, but had a huge touch and pet area, which kept the girls busy for quite a long time.  It was fun, and not outside!

IMG_6297 IMG_6298 IMG_6306 IMG_6311 IMG_6314 IMG_6318 IMG_6322 IMG_6324

Our last stop while in Budapest was the Parliament and the Shoes on the Danube memorial (all the shoes represent Jews who were killed in that spot during the war).

IMG_6326 IMG_6329 IMG_6331

The next morning, my parents had to leave super early.  We got out of the apartment by 9 and headed to the airport.  We had a layover in Frankfurt where we had our last serving of Nuremburg sausages and then it was back to Joburg, Africa and home!  We had a great time visiting so many new places.


Eastern Europe- Christmas 2015: Part 8- Vienna

We arrived in Vienna and had to wait a while for our house owner to show up and let us in.  But after she arrived we were free to explore the city.  It was FREEZING COLD, especially compared to Prague where we were in shirtsleeves most of the time.  We were bundled up!  Right outside our apartment was St Charles.  We tried to find a place to eat and ended up eating at this chain Italian place, which we ate at several times after, easy and delicious.  After dinner we walked over to St Stephen’s, it was being renovated, but we got to see the  cool steeples.

IMG_0820 IMG_5991 IMG_5993 IMG_5998 IMG_6001 IMG_6006 IMG_6007

The next morning we headed out to Schonbrunn Castle (the Summer Castle).  It was beautiful, and the crowds were far less than Versailles, truly beautiful inside.  There was also a great Christmas Market right outside the castle.

IMG_6015 IMG_6021 IMG_6023 IMG_6081

Our next stop was the Imperial Butterfly House.  The girls loved it, though Hattie was a little wary of all the flying butterflies.

IMG_6027 IMG_6023 IMG_6024 IMG_6030 IMG_6031 IMG_6032 IMG_6033 IMG_6039 IMG_6041 IMG_6068

The next museum was the Kunsthistorisches, it had so many great pieces of art.  And the building was pretty amazing itself.

IMG_6074 IMG_6076 IMG_6084 IMG_6086 IMG_6087 IMG_6090

The next day we headed to the Imperial Treasury, which had all the royal robes, royal religious artifacts and a giant narwhal horn!  It was one of my favorite museums during the trip.

IMG_6098 IMG_6102 IMG_6107

We walked around the city and eventually ended up at the Haus der Musik.  The girls enjoyed playing with all the different things and we all enjoyed learning about all the different Austrian composers (there are a lot).

IMG_6113 IMG_6118 IMG_6120 IMG_6124 IMG_6127 IMG_6128 IMG_6130

The girls wanted to ride the ferris wheel, and we ended our night walking by the Votive Church.  Gorgeous churches everywhere!

IMG_6133 IMG_6140 IMG_6142

Eastern Europe- Christmas 2015: Part 7- Prague

One day I will finish blogging about this trip so I can finally catch up!  The problem of a picture filled vacation!  We arrived in Prague Christmas Eve and spent some time eating delicious Italian food and then looking for Christmas Day supplies!

IMG_0998 IMG_1002 IMG_1003 IMG_5848_2 IMG_5839 IMG_5867 IMG_5834 IMG_0992 P1030600

We celebrated Christmas Eve with a live Nativity performance from the girls.  We got to open pi’s and drink some seriously delicious hot chocolate.

IMG_1010 IMG_1009 IMG_0968 IMG_0975 IMG_0991

The next day we had presents and pancakes before we headed out to hit the town.  We hiked our way up to the top of Prague Castle, and even climbed the several hundred stair tower.  The views were great, but man, that was tiring!

P1030617 P1030629 P1030630 IMG_5891 IMG_5894 IMG_5900 IMG_5905 IMG_5908 IMG_5913 IMG_5914 IMG_5918 IMG_5922 IMG_5926 IMG_5927 IMG_5930

Our fancy pants Christmas dinner was held at Jeff’s dream location, Hard Rock Cafe!


The next day we visited the St Peter and Paul Basilica in Vysehard.  It was in the middle of a large fortress that used to be the city center of Prague.

IMG_5949 IMG_5950 IMG_5971 IMG_5958 IMG_5961 IMG_5943 IMG_5948 IMG_5985DSC08662 DSC08666 IMG_5946

We walked all along the water and saw a bunch of views, and sate right on the water over looking the castle.

IMG_5978 IMG_5897 IMG_5975 IMG_5981 IMG_5983

We could have easily spent more days in Prague, but we are glad we got to see what we could!

Eastern Europe- Christmas 2015: Part 6- Dresden

We only got a day in Dresden, which, after arrival turned out to be disappointing, as that city is gorgeous!  But we made the best out of our time there.  We wandered around town for a while, and found several Christmas Markets all within 5 minutes walking from our hotel, as well as a bunch of gorgeous buildings and things to see.  We got a quick snack of fresh potato chips and a variety of sauces.  Yum!


We also found a delicious burger place for lunch which made Jeff super happy!


While Jeff, Gerry and Hattie napped the rest of us headed out to the Panometer.  We arrived hoping for an exhibit showing Dresden right after the bombing, but got a different exhibit.  We were disappointed at first, but it was pretty cool.  We ended up seeing a display about Dresden in the Baroque period.  The sheer size and scope of the artwork was amazing, and at the top of the scaffolding in the center you could just look around the whole town, it was so cool.


That night we wandered around the Markets, and ate more delicious food, including some good Middle Eastern food (Violet devoured the lamb with figs) and a baked apple that turned out to be much more dessert than dinner.

IMG_5801 IMG_5800 IMG_5792 IMG_5797 IMG_0954 IMG_0951 IMG_0952

The next morning we had to leave the hotel by 10, so Mom, Dad, the girls and I headed out to see the water and a few sights we had missed.  Man, that city is just beautiful!

IMG_0994 IMG_0995 IMG_0997 IMG_1001 IMG_1007 IMG_5812 IMG_5815 IMG_5823

It was such a beautiful place, we might have to visit again!  Off we went to the next stop: Prague!


Eastern Europe- Christmas 2015: Part 5 More Berlin

Our next day in Berlin got even more exciting because the other set of grandparents arrived!  We started by heading to the Topography of Terror exhibit.  It was an exhibit about the Gestapo in WWII, but it was right next to an area with a stretch of the Cold War, super interesting juxtaposition, and the exhibit was FASCINATING, so many different interesting stories and small details of the war and its effects on the city.


We walked over to the market we had visited the night before, the girls were so excited to take OGO sledding with them… so we took OGO and Gramps and tubed our way down the fake hill!

SONY DSC SONY DSC P1030507 P1030508 P1030509 P1030510

We visited another Christmas Market far at the edge of the city next.  This one was billed as having a live nativity with animals!  Yay!  So exciting!  Until we showed up and realized it was a mannequin nativity with a couple sheep outside… seriously.  The rest of the market was nice, and the girls got to ride a ride, it was quite a large market, and had a lot going on, we tried to take it all in.


That night we headed to our last market in Berlin, they had some street entertainers, and we had to pay an entrance.  They had continuous choirs and groups singing on stage and SO MANY PEOPLE.  But, it was very nice, and there was a lot of good food, including melty cheese on bread with bacon and waffles for the girls.  In addition, I had a delicious pizza with sour cream, green onions and bacon… drool!

IMG_5756 IMG_5757 IMG_5759 IMG_5760 IMG_5761

Three markets in one day!  We were rock stars!  We were super tired… such a fun day!