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Carpool Fun

My friend Amy and I are super excited that we carpool for preschool this year (even if it is a little of a wackadoo schedule… due to me working on Mondays).  It is only my second day of driving and I have a good conversation that I heard from the back of the car.  Our family talked about the Plan of Salvation for FHE this week.  So Sophie apparently had it on her mind.

Sophie: “If we are mean to people we will go to a bad place after the ressurrection.”

Zoe: “I know, but if we do go there we can teach everyone else how to be nice!”

Awesome!  Those girls are so cute.  Sophie also asked what the bad place is called, and I just pretended to not hear as I didn’t need a whole conversation going into school about Hell… Mrs. Perona might not have appreciated that!