It has been three months since my last post, time has flown by.  Maggie is now one.  Dean is 2 1/2.   My brother Ben is married.  I am days away from turning thirty.  Saint Patrick’s Day is here and Easter will be here soon. 

My absencefrom this space is in a large part due to my new found dedication to finishing my thesis.  I have only two years to finish it and a lot of work to do.  I now use nearly all of my quite computer time writing my paper.  I suspect I will continue to have few posts for the next two years.  Wish me luck!  I am going to need it to be come Master McKissick.

P.S. I posted some new pictures on facebook, since it is faster to put them there than here.

Maggie is 9 months old

This past week Maggie turned 9 months old.  She is as always sweet and beautiful, but now she can crawl and climb.  She has already figured out how to open the lower kitchen cabinets.  She has so much fun pulling out all my Tupperware, just like her brother.  Maggie loves her Big Brother! We love her so much.

Pumpkin Patch

I took the kids to the Underwood Family Farm Pumpkin Patch yesterday.  Dean loved it.  He has asked to go back four times since he woke up this morning.  If I didn’t have to drive at least 45 minutes to get there I would totally take him back.  We went with a group of friends so we could get a group rate, which included a tractor ride and a small pumpkin.  Dean had a great time picking out his pumpkin.  It took him forever to decide.  He has grown very attached to the his little pumpkin.  Yesterday he insisted on taking it in the bath with him.  He washed the pumpkin, including its long stem which Dean called its hair.  We had a great time and we saw some stars, Joel McHale and Thomas Lennon.  We are big fans on their work, Sean especially.  I did talk to Joel McHale for a minute, but since I already met Thomas Lennon a few years ago I didn’t feel the need to bother him.

Happy Halloween! 

Metropolis II

Last Saturday we went to Metropolis II at LACMA.  It was amazing.  Dean was in heaven.  He just kept walking around and around the exhibit, excitedly pointing at the cars and trains.  Luckily they only had the exhibit on for an hour, otherwise we never would have gotten DeanO to leave.


I don’t know why, but I always think of September as part of fall.  It might be the name.  I hear “-ember” and I think sweaters not sweaty.  Sadly, “sweaty” is far more accurate.  The hottest days are always in September, at least here in LA.  The thermometer may only reach a 100 or so, but without air conditioning it feels a lot hotter.  It is finally starting to cool down here, although it was hot enough for us to go to the beach today and it is suppose to be in the 9os this weekend.    Hopefully next year I will remember that September is a summer months, so I won’t be disappointed when it is hot.  After all, it is fun to have one more month of summer.

Here are some bonus pictures of my cute kids this past Sunday.

Maggie is 6 months old

My sweet little girl is 6 months!  I think she is so beautiful and wonderful.  She is a great blessing to me and my family.  Maggie Bea saw the doctor today.  She now weighs 17 lbs 10 oz and she is 26 inches long.  That puts her in the 75 th percentile for weight and 60 th for height.   She sits up on her own now and she still loves laughing at her brother.

LA County Fair

We love the county fair!  We have gone almost every year since we moved here (we missed the one right after Dean was born because I sprained my ankle).  It is amazing to see what we looked like last year at the fair.  Dean has changed so much!  This year we decided to go at the beginning of the fair because the entrance fee is cheaper.  I’m not saying that it was a mistake, because I had a good time…but Sean did declare that he will pay the extra money next year.  It was just so darn hot!  It was even hot in the shade! 

Dean and his little friend loved the seeing the animals and playing on the hay bales.  I saw the biggest pig I have ever seen.  We tried to cool down with some amazing peach ice cream.  I kept my tradition of eating ribs at the fair.  They were awesome, by the way.  We had a great time.  If you ask Dean, he will gladly list for you the animals that he saw at the fair.

P.S. I accidentally uploaded the last picture, but it is kind of funny so I am just going to leave it.  It shows you what Dean’s room looks like on any given day.  He loves to pull all of his books off the shelves and look at them one by one.  It makes a big mess, but I am so glad that he loves looking at books so much.

Teaching Idea – 1 Corinthians 12

I am now in the Primary Presidency in my ward.  I am not a natural teacher when it comes to teaching children, but I am learning one sharing time at a time.  I am not usually good about blogging about the things that I do, but I felt like I should share this object lesson I used last week.  It worked really well.

I used my kids Mrs. Potato Head to teach the principle found in 1 Corinthians 12:13-27, particularly the principle of the great value each of the members in the congregation of Christ.  I explained to the children that the Apostle Paul taught that the Church of Christ is like a body and that the different members of the Church are like the different parts of the body.  Each part of the body is different and necessary as is each member of the church.  I gave them a few silly examples such as, “What would happen if instead of a mouth you had an ear where your mouth goes?”  I then explained that like the church our primary is like a body and each of the children is an important part of our primary body. 

At that point I handed out the various parts of the Mrs. Potato Head, except the eyes, to some of the children.  I then called up each child with a piece and had them put thier piece in the potato.  While each child put their piece in, I said, “this is …(the kids name)…, she/he is the left ear (or whatever part) of our primary body.  Is she/he an important part of our primary body?”  When all the pieces I handed out were in their place on the potato, the kids immediately noticed that the eyes were missing and they wanted to know where they were.  That is when I told them that an inactive child (I gave a specific name, it works best when everyone knows that person) is the eyes of our primary and they are not here today so we have no eyes.  I then asked, “Is our primary complete without …(insert name of inactive child)…?  Are we at our best without them?”  We then put together a list of things the kids could do to help others come to primary. 

I don’t know if this would work for every group and I doubt I am the first to come with this idea, but I thought it might help some of the many teachers looking for inspiration.